Whooping Cough While Pregnant: How to deal with it?

whooping while pregnent

A woman finding out that they are expecting a baby is joyful news to any mother. That knowledge may come with mixed feelings because the expectant mother must know which foods to eat, the changes to expect from her body during the 9 months, most importantly she must take care of which medication she can take and which ones she cannot. It becomes more difficult when an expectant mother falls ill with not just your normal cough, but a whooping cough. What medication can she take?, but the most important thing is finding out how the medication will affect her unborn child.

What is Whooping Cough?

Before we can even discuss whooping cough and how it affects pregnant women, one must understand what it is. Whooping cough is a bacterial infection caused by the pertussis bacteria which results in a convulsive type of cough, making it hard for the individual to breathe as they struggle to catch their breath in between coughing.

Whooping Cough and Pregnancy, What Should I Do?

Most health professionals have come to the conclusion that pregnant women should be vaccinated against whooping cough. The reason is because the whooping cough vaccine has been proven to be the best preventative method against this bacterial infection.

In Which Trimester of My Pregnancy Should I be Vaccinated Against Whooping Cough?

The Centre for Disease Control And Prevention has stipulated that every pregnant woman should be vaccinated from her 27th week of pregnancy to 36 weeks. The reason for this period is that the woman’s body must be given sufficient time to make anti bodies against whooping cough, which it will then pass those antibodies via the placenta to the unborn baby.

Are There Any Side Effects to My Baby?

No. There is absolutely no evidence that has been produced to suggest that immunizing against whooping cough is harmful in any way to your baby, so relax and get that vaccine.

Will Immunization Provide Protection For All My Future Pregnancies?

Please understand that it’s very important to get a whooping cough immunization for every one of your pregnancies. The antibodies produced by your body on your last pregnancy are no longer there to pass on to your new unborn child, so it’s 1 vaccine for every 1 pregnancy.

I am Pregnant and I Already Have the Whooping cough.

If you suspect that you might have a whooping cough, then visit your doctor immediately. Inform your doctor that you are pregnant and how far along are you. Your health practitioner will prescribe safe antibiotics for you to take in order to combat the whooping cough.

Are there any Other Medication I Can Take Like Cough Medicine for Pregnant Women?

You have to liaison with your health practitioner before you can take any form of medication. Bear in mind that some medication may not be safe in your first trimester, but your doctor may say it’s okay to take that medicine in your third trimester. With the exception of pre-natal medication, there is no single set of medicines made just for pregnant women.