Best over the Counter Cough Medicines for Quick Relief

OTC Medications for Cough

Getting sick with bad cough can be very irritating and energy draining, the constant coughing also gets painful and it is obvious most of us want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The fastest and easy way is to visit the drug store and fetch some OTC medication to ease down the problem. While most of the Over the counter medicines for cough work, but it is good to understand the medicines you are using to treat yourself with. Here are some answers to frequent questions that cross our minds when we are buying those medicines and names of best over the counter cough medicines.

Types of Cough Medicines

There are two types of cough medicines, they are classified as per their properties and are take for two different reasons. Cough medicines are classified under categories, expectorants and suppressants. Which one you choose is entirely upon your cough condition and requirement.

What are expectorants

Usually the cough sets in right after you have had cold, and often we are not able to naturally cough it out causing congestion in lungs which keeps triggering one to cough out the cough. Expectorants are used during such situations, it eases the process, by thinning the mucous. Expectorants are used when you are experiencing thick congestion and are not able to get rid of it.

Names of few expectorant medicines are:

Mucinex – Active ingredient present in it is Guaifenisen 600mg. These come in tablet form and are effective for at least 12 hrs. One must not consume more then 4 tablets within twenty four hours, if you are an adult. The same product is available for Kids of under twelve as well.

Guaifenasin – This is an very common medicine available OTC medication in any drug store. Do mention if you are pregnant, fever, kidney diseases, allergic to any food/ medicines/ dyes or preservatives and even if you are breast feeding your baby.

Robitussin – Active ingredients present in this medicine is dextromethorphan HBr 10 mg, Guafenisen 100mg. It comes in a tonic form. It is considered as one of the best over the counter medicine for children. Check the dosage for adults and children and do not exceed 6 doses within 24 hrs.

What are Suppressants

Although there has been a debate on whether to have them or not, always, but when you are profusely coughing all you want to do is to stop it and prevent further pain and irritations. Cough Suppressants, as the name suggest suppress the coughing or stop them. Coughing is common when you have cough deposits in your lungs and as a common reaction our body wants to get rid of it and we cough, but continuous coughing starts getting painful when the cough is thick. Although taking expectorants is more advisable than suppressants, but they are taken to ease down the coughing process and rest for a while, especially at nights.

Names of few Suppressant medicines are:

Robitussin Cough – This is another suppressant medicine, but be careful and check the dosage, must consult a doctor before consuming it if you have flue, more mucous, liver disease or breast feeding.

Delsym – This is syrup. Can be used by Kids and adults. check out the maximum dosage safe for adults and kids, before consuming it.
Dextromethorphan – This medicine is good for gaining temporary relief during flu, common cold, cough, but has side effective too, such as nausea, stomach pain, skin rash and even you could feel tired.