How to Get Rid of a Dry Cough

Dry cough can be very devastating, it can be painful, leaves you weak to do your daily activities and it leaves your throat sore and your voice horse. It is annoying especially to people around you for example at night when people are trying to sleep. Cold and flu seasons comes with extreme coughing that at times leaves your chest aching. But these are not the only causes of dry cough. Asthma, dry air, allergies, smoking and acid reflux can also cause coughing. Usually by taking over the counter drugs, people easily get over their cough problems.

get rid of dry cough

The following are tips on how to get rid of a dry cough.

Stay Hydrated

Respiratory tract infections like flu and cold usually cause postnasal drip. Therefore more secretions drop down the back of the throat causing some irritations which later lead to coughing. Drinking water and other fluids help in keeping the mucous membrane moist. This means that the dry effect caused by hot weather or dehydration is eliminated.

Hot drinks and lozenges

Drinking of warm water, tea with honey, or soup can also help in eliminating a dry cough. These help in warm fluids help in relieving congestion and tightness in the chest. At times drinking of warm fluids help in loosening the mucus that is usually trapped in the airways which is causing you to have that dry cough. Menthol lozenges numb the back of the throat reducing the cough reflex.

Use humidifiers

This is the best tip on how to eliminate a dry cough especially in a dry home. It is a way of putting moisture back in the air. It helps in dealing with dry coughs. But it is important to ensure that you do not overdo the whole thing. On top of that it is important that you clean the humidifier to ensure that no dirt or dust sticks in it. As this can be pumped back into the air and could cause bacteria and fungus which will instead of helping in eliminating it instead increases it.

Take steamy showers

Another tip is to take a steamy shower. Steamy showers help in loosening the secretions in the nose which at times may cause blockage and coughing. On top of that taking a warm bath helps in dealing with dry coughs not only from flu and colds but also from asthma and allergies.

Eliminate irritants in the air

Use of perfumes and other air fresheners may seem cool but to some people it is irritating and may cause dry cough. They cause sinus irritation which may lead to chronic coughing. Therefore it is important to avoid using such scented products as they are the reason to your dry cough. On top of that smoking is yet another irritant and most smokers do experience dry cough. Therefore it is imperative that you first quit smoking.

Use vitamin C tablets and cod liver oil

Taking a vitamin C tablet together with a cod liver oil capsule helps your body to fight the bacteria or the virus that is causing the dry cough. You are advised to take these drugs after every 8 hours for fast relief. On top of that it is important to include fruits and vegetables into your diet for example carrots, lemons and oranges. You can also try vegetable soup as it also helps in relieving dry coughs. The two drugs also help in boosting your immunity.

Use medications that treat dry coughs

Sometimes a dry cough may tend to be chronic and using hot teas, soups, hot showers and cough drops may fail to treat it. In such incidences it is advisable to use conventional medications to treat it. For example use decongestants cough suppressants and expectorants. Decongestants help in relieving nasal congestion. They open up airways and they help in drying up mucus in the lungs. Suppressants help in situations where the cough is chronic and at times you feel too much pain in the chest.

In summary, the above tips on how to get rid of a dry cough will help you in dealing with not only dry cough caused by flu and cold but also the one that is caused by asthma, allergies and also smoking.