Fancy your own homemade cough medicine? why not make it?

homemade cough remedies

You have to study for your final examination but you know you are coming down with a cold because your throat is scratchy and your joints are feeling a bit sensitive, not to mention your cough is growing stronger everyday. You know you have to do something about it or the consequences could see you on bed rest for a few days, days which cannot afford to waste. You have to concentrate on your studying, so conventional prescription medication and over the counter medication are probably pumped with alcohol and other sedatives which will leave you sleepy and tired. What do you do? Despite of what we’ve been told about old wives tales on home remedies, you can make your own home made cough medicine.

Is There an Alternative?

“This medicine may lead to drowsiness and impaired concentration, which may be aggravated by the simultaneous intake of alcohol……” I dare you to find a cough mixture which does not have that label on it. Sometimes you can’t afford to be drowsy and lose your concentration, but how do you avoid sedating cough mixtures without compromising on the benefits of getting well? Make your own cough mixture. Here are some ideas of how you can heal your own cough without the drugging effect.


  • Raw honey
  • Dry herbs like licorice or ginger
  • A container that has a fitting lid which you will be able to secure tightly
  • A big pot which you must fill with 3/4 of water
  • 3 medium sized towels

Fill your glass container with dry herbs, but don’t fill up too much, you must leave some space for the honey. Pour your honey or your vegetable oil over your dry ingredients and shut tight your container. Get your pot filled with water and put over a hot stove. Lay your towels inside the pot with water so that your glass container can be held steady inside the pot, then heat your mixture, but be careful it does not get too hot. For the next 3 days keep that mixture on a warm temperature over the stove. After 3 days, your herbs along with the honey will have fused together in a perfect home made mixture.

How do I Use my Home Made Cough Medicine?

You drink your home made cough medicine in the same way you would prescribed or over the counter medication. Drink about a spoonful of this cough remedy every 2 hours.

The Benefits

Ginger has many phyto chemicals which are known to suppress a cough as it makes smooth mucous membranes and it helps repair any inflammation that has occurred in the throat as a result of the cough. Honey on the other hand is loaded with hydrogen peroxide enzymes which act as bacterial agents in fighting persistent coughs.

Will The Home Made Cough Medicine Work?

Yes home made cough medicines do work. Unlike conventional medicines, these remedies are multipurpose meaning they don’t just clear a cough, but help your body fight a cold. Know your ingredients, mix them perfectly and you will be on your way to good health.