Home Remedies for Sore Throat and Cough

Due to the side effects of over-the-counter drugs, as well as the escalating costs of doctor visits; many people are finding it more sensible to use local solutions. The goodness with home remedies is that they are most likely available in your kitchen pantry. If they are not, then they will be available in your nearest grocery store. As for home remedies for sore throat and cough we have listed some below.

Home remedies for sore throat

Mix up juice extracted from one full lemon with honey (2 tsp) as well as one cup of warm water. Another simple local treatment for sore throat is salt water. Onto one pint of water, add one tsp of salt. This measurement is like the normal saline content on the body, and serves to soothe the throat. Use the salty mixture every hour as a gargle, or until such a time when your throat feels a lot better. However, this is not the right medication for a person with


By drinking a lot of fluids, you will be able to prevent the throat tissues from being hydrated. Therefore, you will also eliminate scratchy feeling which is what makes you cough in the first place. It is however instructive to note that fluids containing caffeine should be avoided since they will make you to be dehydrated given that they act as diuretic.

To relieve the irritated membranes on a person’s throat, one needs to use chamomile tea. One tsp of dried chamomile is steeped in 1 cup of warm water and then left to dry. It is then cooled, after which it will then be used as a gargle. Garlic is also another great home cure to sore throat. Garlic has both antibiotic and antiseptic properties, which make it very good at fighting sore throat-causing bacteria and also relive the pain. To get it to work for you, just take six 15-grain garlic oil capsules everyday

Local Remedies for coughs

Peppermint oil can work wonders in relieving coughs, but you need to be aware that when taken in greater quantities, it can easily be toxic. You should not take over six drops. It has menthol, and this is why experts warn against using it to treat children.

Onion and sugar mixture is also a great solution for coughs, although it does not have the best taste. This mixture can be prepared in two ways. The first way is by slicing two medium-sized onions on a pan, after which a half cup of sugar is sprinkled over it. The mixture is then cooked on a slow heat for about thirty minutes.

Another way is by chopping up onions onto a bowl after which it is sprayed with sugar. The bowl is left to stay overnight. Make sure you have covered it. It does not really matter the method you have chosen, because the end result will be the same. In both cases, the onion liquid will get absorbed by the sugar, forming clear syrup. By taking 1 tablespoon of this syrup after 5 hours, you will be able to repel even the toughest cough.

Honey has been a great solution for coughs for centuries now. It can help in coat a dry and irritated throat, and also calm it. The fact that it is sweet makes it a very good medicine for kids. However, it is not as effective for wet coughs.