Cough Syrups for Kids: A Helpful Guide

It is quite surprising that kids these days are largely treated with sensitive medicines and high dose antibiotics, due to wrong prescriptions and self-medications. These drugs can cause a variety of side effects which can be harmful in the long run, not actually helping but making them more vulnerable to various diseases, as they lose vital immunity at an early age. One such medicine is cough syrups; children are often treated the wrong way with cough syrups, which ends up causing many side effects.


How coughs are generating in toddlers?

Coughs are widely evident symptom in kids. Almost one in every five children is seen to be coughing and often those sounds can be horrible for a parent. These jarring coughs are actually indications of their deteriorated health condition. But scientifically coughs are required to keep the air passage clean and protecting the airways in the throat and chest free of any blockage. But coughs that give breathing trouble must be treated wisely.
Your child can have coughs due to cold or allergies. Hence before giving any kind of a cough suppressant for kids you need to verify and get sanguine about the cause. Actually the kid’s recurrent cough is a warrant for taking him to the pediatrician before it’s too late. Kids get into a coughing because of excessive drenching or having something cold or chilled, if prone to dust or smoke allergy then also your kid may experience excruciating cough. There are various kinds of coughs which are a little bit different from each other.

What features ‘barky coughs’?

When the upper part of the airway develops swelling then barky coughs your child will go through. Maximum times these coughs are the result of larynx swelling along with problems in trachea. Simple cough syrup for toddlers may not solve the problem. These coughs may generate from croup which is actually a virus. This virus can come from allergies or temperature imbalance. The most striking feature of such coughs that they suddenly start in night making kids run out of breath as their airways are comparatively narrow. Often kids having croup cough with raucous noise because of stridor.

Whooping Cough

Bordetella pertussis causes this kind of cough. Kids having whooping cough actually develop infections in their airways and while coughing grasp for breath. Recurrent coughing draws their tear out and they experience running nose, fever, sneezing all at the same time. There is cough syrup for kids restraining such cough but whatever is taken needs to be taken according to pediatrician’s prescription.

Which cough compositions is ruling market?

We have cough syrup with a variety of combinations and brand available in the market. But, considering the fact that it’s for kids, we need to be really cautious enough while choosing cough syrup for kids.

Quick synopsis of the different types of cough syrup:

  1. Hydrocodone & Codeine based.
  2. Dextromethorphan based.

The former is effective with some severe side effects if consumed beyond tolerance and is not available without prescription from the doctor. The latter is effective with not so severe side effects but must be consumed as prescribed.

Are Cough Suppressants For Kids Suppressing Their Health?

Due to changes in weather conditions children often develop cough and to relieve them they are given cough suppressants. Cough suppressant for kids although relieve a child form cough but it has some side effects as well. It has been seen that because of the high dose, children untimely fall asleep and often develop a lot of breathing problems. Over dosage may leave the child dizzy, confused or may increase child’s heart rate. In severe cases a child may develop problems like lack of coordination, nausea, numbness in toes and fingers and abdominal pain. Doctors say that if the medicine has high levels of pseudo-ephedrine expectorant, decongestant, antihistamine or cough suppressant may even prove to be fatal for the child