Understanding cough medicine with codeine, how they work and their side effects

There are several medications for treating cough and most of them are in the syrup form. These medications have their own side effects, and some of them are even addictive. This is why some of the cough medicines are only used after they have been prescribed by a doctor. It is wrong to use these drugs as over the counter medications without consulting a doctor.

Research shows that most people do not care about the kind of cough syrups they use, as well as any harm that may be caused by it. Before taking any medication, be it for cough or any other disease, it is always better to talk to a doctor. Thus, you need to first know the various characteristics of these medications. Actually, the best medication for cough is that which has been prescribed by a doctor.

Side effects

Like most drugs, medications containing codeine have some side effects that as a user, you will have to take note of. They include dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, drowsiness, loss of appetite, headache, vomiting and nausea.
Some side effects, like the ones mentioned below, may not occur very often. However, in case one does not check with their doctors, they could very well lead to serious complications. As soon as you realize the symptoms of these drugs below, you need to check with your doctor. These include: confusion, double vision or blurred vision, faintness, pounding, fast or slow heartbeat, mood swings and depressions, hallucinations and feelings of unreality among other side effects.

In case you see any of the following, stop taking the cough treatment with syrup and contact your doctor immediately. They are severe weakness, seizures, serious allergic reactions such as breathing difficulty and abdominal cramps. If you overdose any cough drug with codeine, you will see the following symptoms. They are low blood pressure, weaknesses, slow heartbeat, severe drowsiness, cold clammy skin among other things.

Can cough medication with codeine be bought over the counter?

In the US, it is not easy finding cough drugs with codeine without a doctor’s prescription. This is because the drugs are only available in the US by means of prescription. Codeine refers to the kind of analgesic narcotic that is mainly used for pain relieving. The reason it is only found by a doctor’s prescription is because of addictive nature of these medications. Therefore, if you are looking for these drugs but without prescription, you may not succeed.

How the drugs work in calming the cough pain?

Upon reaching the brain, codeine will be transformed into morphine. It works by suppressing the brain’s cough center, thereby lessening the cough. Doctors give patients cough drugs with codeine on finding that their coughs are unproductive, meaning it does not produce mucous. Phenegren is an example of cough syrup with codeine.

The advantage of using cough medicines with codeine is that they may be able to treat both dry and wet coughs. In fact, some of these drugs are very effective for the two common kinds of coughs.